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家樂福(法語: Carrefour )是一家法國的大型零售集團,為歐洲第一、世界第二大零售商,也是量販店( Hypermarket )業態的首創者。 至2017年12月止,家樂福在30多個國家共開設12,300家門市。員工總數僅次於沃爾瑪,是2019年世界五百強中的第81大企業

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迪亚天天超市(西班牙文:Distribuidora Internacional de Alimentación, S.A.)是一家總部位於西班牙 拉斯罗萨斯-德马德里的國際連鎖超市。 2012年在全球擁有6,914家商店,是歐洲第三大特价商品连锁超市。 自2013年開始掌管施萊克在西班牙和葡萄牙的的業務。. 历史. 該公司成立於1979年。

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Bricomarché offer decorating, DIY, materials, gardening and pet products lines. Founded in 1979, and operating 500 stores in 3 countries (Poland, Portugal and France), each stores sales area is between 1,500 and 2,300m², and have three basic principles:

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奥乐齐(Aldi)是德国的一家廉价连锁超市品牌。 「Aldi」是阿尔迪南、北商业集团联盟在全球的简写。. 公司名称来源于德语单词“阿尔布雷希特” Albrecht (人名)和“迪斯康特” Discount (折扣)头两个字母缩写。 2017年之前,华人圈更多地音译为“阿尔迪”。2017年3月,进入中国市场后,“奥乐齐

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Brico Dépôt (French pronunciation: ​ [bʁiko depo]) is a French chain of DIY and home improvement, headquartered in Longpont-sur-Orge. The chain was created in 1993 by Castorama Dubois Investment and later purchased by the British group Kingfisher which operates 123 stores in France, 34 in Romania, 28 in Spain and 3 in Portugal.

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Les Mousquetaires is a privately owned retailing symbol group based in France and operating internationally. Its head office is in Bondoufle, France.

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Bricomarché est la première enseigne hors alimentaires créée par le groupe Les Mousquetaires. Elle naît en 1979 et elle est spécialisée dans léquipement de la maison tels que le bricolage, la décoration, le jardinage et, pour certains magasins, l animalerie.

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1 EX Offices de Distribution 1.1 1969-1973 2 Intermarché 2.1 1973-197? 2.2 197?-1982 2.3 1982-1985 2.4 1985-1995 2.5 1995-2009 2.6 2009-present

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Intermarché (English translation: Intermarket) is the brand of a general commercial French supermarket, part of the large retail group Les Mousquetaires founded in 1969 under the name EX Offices, by Jean-Pierre Le Roch.EX Offices was renamed Intermarché in 1972. Jean-Pierre Le Roch is the founder and first president of this franchise, and has provided leadership until 1994, then directly

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Spécialiste en jardin, bricolage, décoration et bâti, Bricomarché propose aux bricoleurs des produits de qualité à prix bas.

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